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PRESTIGE WINDOW FILMS is a window Film company with a very well equipped team of experienced professionals and window tinting experts to give you a good quality of service for all types window films and window tinting. Our aim is to gain customer satisfaction and building a higher level of trust with different range of products available. Decorative Window Film, Safety & Security Films, Anti-Shatter films, Privacy & Sandblasted films, Whiteboard films and window graphics. We offers a wide range of Sun control, energy saving and safety window films in Dubai.

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We offer all types of frosted window film, Stickers and window tinting Supply & Installation services in a Vast range of applcations such as Homes, Offices, Hotels, Buidings, Schools, Marine Vehicles, Boats, Ships,etc., Feel free to contact us to help you to find out the best match of frosted window films and stickers suiting your requirements and to install it on the glasses at your place. Our frosted window film installation team operates nation-wide in all over the UAE region and have a wealth of a very good professional experience, allowing them to guarantee a perfect finish with the minimum of fuss( worry, or excitement that is unnecessary or greater than the situation deserves).

For the best quality frosted window film, stickers, services & Tinting solutions in Dubai, get in touch with the Window Tinting Experts(Prestige Window Films).

Sun Control Film and Heat Protection Window Film

Sun control window film and heat protection film also known as Sun-screen window film are used as a protective layer against the harmful and disturbing type of the sun rays. There are a wide range and a vareity of sun control film also known as solar control film available with us in the market. We provide the best quality of the films available in a vast range of colours with a various shades. Our range sun protection film and heat control films resist and protect against the maximum of heat caused by sun rays. They are capable to stop the maximum of harmful UV rays from entering and also protects against the disturbance Caused by the glare that we face due the sun rays at a maximum level thus effective as a sun-screen window film on the glass. Heat control window films are also solar control films and save a considerable amount of energy thus userfully saves on electricity bill. We have some of the longest duration of warranty periods offered in whole of the U.A.E. region. Our other window film products also come with a vareity of selections of Graphics and designs you can choose from for your windows, doors, partitions, etc.,

To keep the more of the sun's heat out of the house, a low-emissivity heat control window film coating with higher heat rejection should be applied to the pane of glazed windows. these films are designed to provide also heat energy in the winter and keep heat inside the house (typical of cold climates), it is better advised that the low-emissivity film coating should be applied to the inside pane of glazed windows to attain a higher amout of heat protection and glare reduction with maximum life for the window tinting film. Such window tinting films also reduce the amount of visibly harmful and ultraviolet(UV) radiation entering a window, and are often applied to reduce fading of the contents of a room. Silvered filmare the reflective window films that may also be employed to the same end. Spectrally selective films act by blocking certain wavelengths of the sun's(IR) infrared radiation and reject heat without reducing the much of natural light as a result providing a more natural view through the glass even after tinting of the glass or window film application.

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Safety Film, security Film and Anti Shatter Film

We also provide anti-shatter blast control films and glass containment films having the strength and elasticity with an edge retention or anchoring system, significantly increases the safety and security in Home / Office buildings where additional bomb blast protection is required and on overhead glass installations. These shatter-proof window films are useful as anti-shatter material protecting the people against the harmful and hazardous shattering of the glass near the blast site and thus resisting against accidents and injuries.

Safety film, security film, Antishatter film and blast control film are polyester or PET films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered. Safety film are applied to glass so when the glass is broken it holds together, preventing dangerous shards from flying about, or to make it more difficult for an intruder to gain entry. The main difference between these window films and laminated glass is that these Shatter Safe films can be applied to the glass or glazing after manufacture or installation, i.e., it is a retrofit product. These safety films, Antishatter films and the security films are used widely all over the world.

Anti shatter film, Safety Window Films and Security Window Films are applied Vastly accross the globe for Home, Office, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Buildings, Boats, Ships, etc.,

The Anti shatter film is self-adhesive coated to bond them to the glass. The better the anti shatter film are smooth-coated, because they have far superior optical clarity. Safety and security films are designed to perform under adverse conditions.The safety film and security film are used where there is a potential for injury from broken glass (such as glass doors or overhead glazing). These window films can be applied to toughened, annealed, or laminated glass. The safety window films can be applied for security applications, where a delay of forced entry is desired. These window films can be applied in food processing facilities where glass needs to be contained should it fracture and not fall into the food/s processing facilities. Shatter Safe Films are approved and applied in many food and beverage processors around the world.


Decorative Window Films

Decorative film is a self-adhesive sticker film one can better use to decorate their glass as it enhances the look of glass and is easily removable. Everyone wants their place and environmental appearance around it to have a very beautiful and an elegantly visual look. So they set and decorate their places with various additions and modifications to add an enhanced good look to it. The decorative window films are applied on glasses, Walls, Doors, etc., as you desire it to be applied. Decorative window film not only just transforms the physical appearance of the Windows, Partitions and other smooth glass surfaces, also it opens up a wa on to Utilization of the space and the way you think on designing. TheseDecorative Window Films help in fuelling up your inspiration. One can also bring out to feel like life to any Vision they have in the form of design on the Decorative film.

Along-with adding good visual appearance, fresh ideas are inspired with the decorative film which in a way help enhancing interiors, creating privacy, filteration of light and many more. These also come as a preset patterned window Film which is a very good, eassy and perfect form of way in adding a whole new dimension to your Windows, Doors, partitions, glass panels and more.

Our products also come with a vareity of selections of Graphics and designs you can choose from for your windows, doors, walls and floors. Decorative Films can be used in applications like shopfronts windows, office block windows, house windows, glass doors and more. This is often done to increase privacy and also to adding up to the beautification of the place.

Decorative Window filmswhich are also known as the one-way vision film are also used to apply See-through graphics to glass and other transparent surfaces, to provide advertising, branding, signage and decoration. See-through graphics are most commonly applied using these one-way vision films which are perforated window films with a graphic visible from one side but not from the other side, which remains see-though from one side which gives it the name one-way vision film. Vehicle wraps on buses are perhaps the widest application of these See-through graphics.



Prestige Window Films has a wide range of privacy Window films to offer, that can deliver a range of appearances, performance and durability. These privacy window films are a very good alternative as to blinds or curtains which when drawn close block the view both ways, at the same time also making rooms dark. Privacy window film is designed to allow good light transmission, ensuring that a good level of natural light is allowed to enter the room whilst also maintaining a good view. Unlike that of the blinds and curtains, privacy window film is also easy to clean – it can simply be cleaned and wiped up using simple household cleaning products.


During the time of the Day One-way privacy can be achieved by the use of one of our reflective range of one-way privacy window film. This privacy level is achieved by providing a reflective appearance by the film on one side of the glass, whilst vision is being allowed from the other side as desired by you. Theis one-way privacy window film works on the balance of light intensity, with the side of the film that is brightest exhibiting the reflective properties of the film. During daylight hours this is always the side of the reflective film facing outwards, making it ideal for daytime privacy.


The Two-way privacy can be guaranteed with an application of our range of frosted films or Frosted Sticker. Once applied, this versatile film gives windows the appearance of acid etched or sandblasted glass, preventing vision from both sides of the pane at the same time allowing adequate amount of light to pass through it. This window film provides an immediate and beautifully stylish privacy solutions for your glasses, Windows, Doors, Patitions, etc., and your can be done cut following the size specifications or by the metre with a range of designs and patterns to choose from to be applied on the film.

Our frosted film is also available featuring a range of cut patterns. These frosted stickers or frosted films can also be supplied featuring our eye-catching printed beautiful preset designs you can choose from and you can also get your own design, graphics or artwork customized on our frosted film or the frosted stickers, allowing you to create an elegant and eye-catching privacy window film solution.

One-Way Mirror Film

The one-way mirror film or the one-way reflective glass film and the two-way mirror(or two-way glass) film and semi-transparent mirror film, gives a reciprocal mirror effect film that is partially reflective and partially transparent. The perception of one-way transmission is achieved when one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other side is dark. This allows viewing from the darkened side of the window film but not vice versa.

Reflective film or the one-way mirror film is typically used as an apparently normal mirror in a brightly lit room, with a much darker room on the other side. People on the brightly lit side see their own reflection, it looks like a normal mirror. People on the dark side see through this window film. It looks like a transparent window for people on the dark side. The light from the bright room reflected from the mirror back into the room itself is much greater than the light transmitted from the dark room, overwhelming the small amount of light transmitted from the dark to the bright room; conversely, the light reflected back into the dark side is overwhelmed by the light transmitted from the bright side. This allows a viewer in the dark side to observe the bright room covertly.


Window Film & Window Tinting Facts

Window films are a thin laminate film that can be applied or installed to the glass surfaces in automobiles, boats, and also to the flat and curved surface of glass, Partitions, Doors, etc., for Homes, Offices, Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Schools and buildings. Window films and Tinting films are generally categorised by their construction components (dyed, pigmented, metallized, ceramic or nano), by their intended use (automotive, marine or architectural) and/or by their technical performance (privacy, Frosting, sandblasted, solar control, safety and security).

Window films are an extremely cost-effective method to reduce heating and cooling costs in existing buildings by reducing the amount of heat transfer through glazing. Such films also reduce the amount of harmful visible and ultraviolet radiation entering a window, and are often applied to reduce fading of the contents of a room. Silvered film may also be employed to the same end. Spectrally selective films act by blocking certain wavelengths of the sun's infrared radiation and reject heat without reducing natural light. Ceramic window films cost slightly more but provide a substantial increase in blocking UV rays and ability to control heat transfer.

Window tinting can be used in applications like shopfronts windows, office block windows, and house windows. This is often done to increase privacy, and decrease heating and cooling costs. Window tinting films are used in some energy efficient buildings. They can provide thermal comfort and are one of the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy improvements, especially in hot and mixed climates. We also have variants of spectrally selective window film which are more clearer with higher heat protection IR rejection and UV protection. These spectrally selective films when applied on the glass give a good heat protection UV reduction and glare reduction.

Home-owners seek the benefits of window tinting on a daily basis, whether or not they realize it. During the day time some close the blinds as prevention against the heat of the Sun, Harmful UV rays or Sun-glare; while others turn down air-conditioner, despite the comfort, to prevent a higher energy bill. These concerns are among the reasons that homeowners consider investing in the professional installation of window tinting films on the glass. Residential and Commercial window tinting films offer many of the benefits like energy savings, safety, UV protection and decorative enhancements. PRESTIGE WINDOW FILM is a professional window tinting supply and installation company able to match each client with the best tinting film to address his or her needs.

Window tinting film offers not only an aesthetics-minded choice but also these sought-after benefits.

Energy Efficient

One of the most influential reasons to go for the residential window tinting is that you save on your home’s energy bill for a long-term. The heat from the sun dramatically rises the temperature inside the home. By installing window tinting film on the window glass or the glass panels, the home’s heating and cooling energy bill reflects a decrease in price of up to 30 percent, which in turn benefits both your wallet and the environment.

Glare Reduction or Glare Rejection

Window tinting films reflect the heat from the sun and also helps in the glare reduction from sun rays. The sun-glare through these traditional window glasses can have an impact on the productivity and comfort levels when you are working on your computer, watching television, reading, cooking, and doing other such activities and chores at Home or office. In a glass-tinted home, the glare is reflected, so one can continue cleaning the floors or watching their favorite shows or working in the office without any interruption from that of the sun glare.

Climatic Consistency

The home becomes more of temperature-consistent as for the room to room when, the heat from the sun is reduced. In a home that has no window tinting film, the rooms often have inconsistent temperatures due to the sharp beating sun-light penetrating through the window-glasses, despite the setting of your thermostat. Window tinting film does help in creating an even temperature throughout the home all day long—meaning no more unintentional heat and light in the rooms from the Sun.

Protection from the Sun (Sun Screen Film)

Whether one does believe it or not,the rays from the sun-light may cause sunburn to you while sitting on the couch if close enough to a window with the sun shining through. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation is the leading cause of non-melanomic skin cancers and also a frequent factor inn the cases of melanoma. Window tinting film reduces 99 percent of (ultraviolet) UV rays. These window tinting films hence, protect people at work-place or you and your family when present inside of the home.

Improved Security and Safety

An additional measure of protection provided by window Security film is its ability to deter or slow down an unwanted intruder. Safety film that is installed to the glasses of the window and properly anchored by the experienced specialists and professionals is able to hold the glass in place longer when an intruder tries to gain entry by breaking through the glass door or window. Since it is seen that most window tinting specialists offer several variations of window film options prioritizing the safety, energy savings, decorative desires it is important to discuss safety concerns during your consultation. The type of window film you opt for could mean the difference between an intruder gaining access to your home far more the slower than through a typical window or door glass.

Safety against Glass Breakage

Whether a window glass is broken through that of an attempted burglary, severe weather conditions, any natural disasters or may be simply by a ball or any object hit, window tinting films have that capability to hold the glass together so that it doesn’t shatter and fall or spread across the place or area around that particular glass panel. This is the extra safety benefit of the safety window film that well keeps you and your family or the people at work-place more protected from glass-related injuries or accidents.

Easy Maintenance

Window tinting film is water resistant and a scratch-resistant coating is available always, making the window of your home just as much easy if not easier to clean it. There are different types of tinting window films which may require different cleaning agentsfor cleaning, so be sure that you do get the recommended instructions from your window film installation service provider. And it also depends upon the type of window tinting film that you opt for that how often cleaning is needed for your glass tinted.

Additional Privacy

An element of privacy from the outside world, especially when your home is located in a busy area or has a significant number of windows, can be achieved with window tinting film or Privacy film that of the Frosted sticker. The privacy of window tinting film or the frosted film is a desired comfort for many, giving you peace of mind that a passerby is not able to peer in and see you and your family. Thus it provides an added privacy to the glasses at your place.

Elegance or Curb Appeal

During a newly-built or a renovation project, window tinting film should be a topic of discussion when considering improvements for the Elegance or curb appeal of the property. Solar window films and decorative window films add that sleek, elegant look to the outside of your home and are often one of the key benefits for those who are interested in these products. These solar control films do provide many of the benefits and also they are indeed aesthetically pleasing as well when we talk of the appearance.

Different types of window films available with us suitable as to various requirements are:

  • Privacy Window Film
  • Heat Protection Film
  • Frosted Window Film and Frosted sticker
  • Privacy Window Film
  • Sandblast Window Film
  • Sun control or solar control Window Film
  • UV protection window film
  • Decorative window films
  • Window graphic and vinyl sticker
  • Safety & Security Window Film
  • Anti Shatter Window Film
  • Window and Wall Graphics
  • Spectral Window Films

There are many different grades, shades, colours, and thicknesses of available window films built to offer solutions to a variety of challenges. Window films are a retrofit upgrade for existing glass that can be used to address problems inherent to glazing, including:

  • Heat and glare reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • UV filtration
  • safety and security
  • Privacy
  • Decoration, signage and branding
  • Protection against furniture fading
  • Glare reduction
  • protection against harmful radio waves
  • protection from graffiti.

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